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Joe and Betsy Sgroi, 1 Million More to Scientology

Joe and Betsy Sgroi are pictured below accepting the Gold Meritorious Award from David Miscavige. This award is reserved for those individuals who have reached the amount of 1 million dollars in donations to Scientology's war chest used to further the aims of the Church of Scientology.

Impact, The Magazine of the International Association of Scientologists, Issue 116, page 96, summer of 2007.

Joseph Sgroi fires Suppressive Person

Sgroi attests to his personal gain after completing the PTS (Potential Trouble Source) Course on how to spot Scientology critisism.

“This course is absolutely incredible!! It’s totally life changing. I was on the course just 2 weeks and spotted an SP executive in my business who was antagonizing staff and virtually causing havoc in my business. I brought him into my office and fired him. My statistics from that point on have gone out the roof! Of course, just as LRH says (SPs either get sick or blow) he blew the area. There have been tons of other wins and cognitions. Come and join me and my wife Betsy on this fabulous course!” – Joe Sgroi

Cause Point, Magazine of the Church of Scientology Buffalo, Issue 384, pg 5

Joseph Sgroi Liquidates Assets to Donate a Million Dollars to the Buffalo Org

Joseph Sgroi’s complete attest. Excerpt below.

When I looked at it, it really came down to ethics. We needed this building to boom the Buffalo Org, so we had to do it. The bottom line is that it was the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. I made the postulate a long time ago to handle Buffalo. I never thought that would mean donating a million dollars, but we had to do it. Who else was going to do it?

Betsy and I liquidated all the reserves we had in order to do it and I will tell you what – when we do the math on it, the org needed $1.3 million to renovate and there are close to 2 million people in Buffalo. That comes to about 50 cents a head. So, I look at it as the best investment that I have ever made in my whole life.

Joe and Betsy Sgroi are featured in the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) publication, Impact Magazine, Issue 109, September 2004. On page 31, you see them smiling with David Miscavige, the supreme leader of the Church of Scientology.

Sgroi Family and David Miscavige

The two of them are pictured with Miscavige, because they have reached “Founding Patrons Meritorious” status, meaning that they have contributed $250,000 to the International Association of Scientologists.

On page 36, Joe and Betsy are featured with their five grandchildren. The youngest being the child of two OT VIII’s. Below is an excerpt of the article that accompanies the family photo, describing their continuing commitment to Scientology. Founding Patron status requires a $40,000 donation per person.

Sgroi Family Article

As is stated above Joe is credited with much of the new Buffalo Org’s progress. Both he and Betsy are OT Ambassadors and are auditing on level OT VII. The “OT (Operating Thetan) levels are the highest levels of Scientology training. On levels OT III and above, Scientologists are taught to make telepathic contact with the spirits of ancient space aliens who, according to L. Ron Hubbard, were murdered 75 million years ago by an evil galactic ruler named Xenu.

Below is a photo of Jennifer Sgroi receiving her OT VII Certification, taken from Flag Service Organization promotional brochure, dated 2002. You can see from the following link, that Jennifer Sgroi (now Jennifer Sgroi-Stanzani) has completed her OT VIII Certification.

Jennifer Sgroi

As long as this family continues to play by Hubbard’s rules, and stays visually and verbally completely happy with their involvement in Scientology, they will be allowed to stay in communication with each other and continue up Scientology’s OT Bridge to Total Freedom. Should a family member develop doubts about Scientology, the family must get that wavering person back on track with the group’s philosophies or communication with thier loved one must be severed. It comes down to a choice between family or the creed, should there be any questioning of the groupthink at all. With such policies in enforced, clearly one can see the motivation to keep critical thoughts suppressed in order to maintain a relationship with one’s own family.

H. Joseph Sgroi & Associates
965 Union Rd.
West Seneca, NY 14224

Survival Strategies Opens Buffalo Office

Interesting, looks like Scientologists Craig Ferreira, and Harvey Schmiedeke, have opened and office in West Seneca with Scientologist Joseph Sgroi.

For more information on WISE International, an affiliate of Scientology, see the links below.

The basic philosophic beliefs are religious,” said Jeff Hahn, a certified financial planner from Williamsville. “The belief that man is a spiritual being and is basically good, that he can live his life at a higher level of spirituality and that his relationship with a supreme being is unique and personal and not up to the judgment of others.”

But others dispute that. They said the church is a business, not a religion.

“I was raised a Catholic, and I always did believe in God. But you never read about anything (to do with God), ever, in Scientology,” said Tory Christman, an ex-member who lives in California. “The truth is, Hubbard didn’t believe in God, not really. The tech is the religion.

Mark Sommer
Being in, breaking out
Buffalo News, January 31, 2005

Jeff Hahn is an employee at Sgroi Financial.
He also has a web page about Scientology, http://home.oursites.net/jeffhahn/.
So does his wife, http://home.oursites.net/jillhahn/

Jeff Hahn registered Chairman of Williamstown Construction Company.

Williamstown Construction is run by Don Perkins, http://kenton.worldwebdex.com/info.php?id=16189.

Don’s been in Scientology for a long time, he was one of the 5X Club Members back in 1974.

I remember first reading about Don Perkin’s family tragedy written by Scientologist, Glenn Gramigna. (article 3/4 of the way down page).

Here’s an excerpt from the April 28, 2003 issue of PoliticsWNY.

Elli Perkins will be missed!

By Glenn Gramigna

There are probably few experiences more devastating
than to turn on the 11 pm news and find out that one
of your best friends, the most caring, skillful,
loving person you know, has been brutally killed…and
at the hands of her own son...

Also, people should know that Ellie Perkins was a
gentle, courageous, compassionate, funny, lighthearted
and very idealistic person who believed that people’s
past traumas and upsets could and should be dealt with
through spiritual means, never through the use of
drugs or duress.

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