Who's Who at the Buffalo Org

Ribbon Cutting

Pictured in 2004 International Scientology News, Issue 30, Page 14

At the Grand Opening of the New Buffalo Org: Ribbon Cutting.

Above, from left to right: David Miscavige, Jenna Elfman, Unidentified, Brian Davis, Unidentified, Anthony Masiello, Joseph Sgroi, Billy Sheehan, Teresa Reile Reger.

David Miscavige - Leader of Scientology and Captain of the Sea Org
Jenna Elfman - Actress
Brian Davis - Common Council Member
Anthony Masiello - Buffalo Mayor
Joseph Sgroi - Sgroi Financial
Billy Sheehan - Musician
Teresa Reile Reger - President of Church of Scientology Buffalo and Local OSA Representative.

Beth and Roger Akiyama

Featured in International Association of Scientologists' Impact Magazine, Issue 91, page 19

Beth Akiyama
Sea Org Member
Office of Special Affairs, Eastern United States
Made special appearances in Buffalo to “handle” the Buffalo News Editors

Beth is married to Roger Akiyama. Roger was listed as being in the RPF in October of 2004 by a defected member of the group. Beth and Roger Akiyama were listed as members of the paying public IAS (International Association of Scientologists) in Impact Magazine, Issue 91, page 19. Beth and Roger have attained the status of Patrons Meritorious of the IAS, which simply means they have donated $250,000 toward the Church of Scientology’s war chest. Not only have they been devote paying publics donating a quarter of a million dollars to the cause, they have also joined Scientology’s elite Sea Organization which requires their commitment for the next billion years.

Beth was instrumental in trying “produce” Fred Lennox to stop day four of the Buffalo News Series. You can read the result of her work here.

Al Buttnor

Al Buttnor
Director of Special Affairs in Canada.
Made special appearances in Buffalo to “handle” the Buffalo News Editors.

Al left several messages for Fred Lennox at his Rochester residence just days before the fourth day of the Buffalo Scientology Series. When Fred didn’t respond to Al’s ever growing frantic messages, Fred was tracked down at his place of employment and convinced to come in to speak to Church Officials.

Bruce Thomson

Bruce Thompson
Director of Special Affairs, Philadelphia, PA
Made special appearances in Buffalo to “handle” reporter Mark Sommer.

In the Spring of 2004, Bruce and Buffalo Org President Teresa Reile Reger presented Dead Agent Packs on several vocal critics of Scientology to Mark Sommer.

Jonathan Reece
Executive Director
Also known as Jono Reece
A photo of Jonathan can be found on Scientology's Website

Jeffrey T. Carlson

Jeffrey T. Carlson
Past Executive Director
Jeff is originally from Rochester, NY. Jeff is married to Danielle Perkins. Danielle is the sister of Jeremy Perkins and daughter of Don Perkins and the late Elli Perkins. Jeff’s mother is a past Executive Director of Buffalo and recruited Jeff into the fold.
Jeff has been routed off staff and out of town, further away from his wife Danielle Perkins.

Jeremy Perkins
Scientologist that became ill with schizophrenia. His parents were advise to treat him with with vitamins and scientology. Jeremy was found not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect by Plea, on a charge of Murder in the Second Degree of his mother. Court documents on Jeremy’s case can be read here.

Jeremy had a scientology page until the Church took it down after his mother was killed.

Danielle Carlson

Danielle Carlson
Senior Course Supervisor
Younger Sister of Jeremy Perkins who sas trained Church of Scientology's Spiritual Headquaters in Clearwater Florida (Flag) to become a Class V Auditor.

Don Perkins
A member since the 70’s, Don works for Williamson Construction, which is owned by another long time member, Jeff Hahn.

Elli Perkins
Elli was originally from Rochester, NY. She attended Rochester Institue of Technology. More can be read about Elli here.

Teresa Reile Reger
President and OSA Representative
She has a Scientology page.
Teresa advertises on Minority Professional Network for her public address on psychiatry and education. “This Public Address will go over Psychiatry's role in the creation of violence and the destruction of education. Guest speaker: Ms. Teresa Reger Presented by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.”

Mary Lou Reile
Teresa’s mother and long time member.

Michelle Reile
Michelle has a Scientology page.

Crystal Reile
Crystal has a Scientology page.

Amber Reile
Amber has a Scientology page.

Colleen House (Daughter of Joe Graves)
Scientology WISE New Member, 2005
HCO Executive Secretary for the Scientology Buffalo Org.
Computer Solutions Unlimited, Administrative Assistant
CCHR of Buffalo, Executive Director
“With 8 million children on psychiatric drugs in the United States, this does not mean that all of our children are sick, it simply means that the psycho/pharmaceutical ad campaign is working. And it points to the fact that what Citizens Commission on Human Rights has been saying since 1969 is true: psychiatrists are child abusers, as is evidenced by the numerous reported cases of abuse.” -- Colleen House

CCHR of Buffalo's website is hosted and maintained by WNY Web Service which is owned by Computer Solutions Unlimited. The company that Colleen House and her family own.

Joe Graves (Father of Colleen House)
Joe has a Scientology page.
Computer Solutions Unlimited, President
Scientology WISE Member

Julie Graves (Married to Joe Graves)
Julie is listed in Scientology’s Impact Magazine 77, as a Sponsor.
Julie’s OT Preparations, Scientology’s Source Magazine 142
Anne Marie Dunning’s comments
“Sue Weibert and Julie Graves home school their children in the garage area of Computer Solutions Unlimited. Once I went there to pick something up from Sue and noticed how absolutely disgustingly dirty it was and the place smelled of sour milk. There is no way I ever would have left my kids in their care. Not with the way the ‘school’ looked.”

Sue Weibert
TeenScreen Truth, Contact
Public Statements made by Sue Weibert
Four of the Weibert's six children are in the Sea Org” --Anne Marie Dunning

Charles Abramo
ACAD Chief Sup Buffalo Scientology
Charles, the Scientologist, writes to the Buffalo News about the Church’s good will toward people
Charles, the Scientologist, writes Knowledge Reports & Ethic Chits uplines.
Impact Sponsor
Scientology Service Completions

Bill Hasiotis
Bill has a scientology page.

Stacey Hasiotis
Stacey has a scientology page.

Jeff Hahn
Works for Sgroi Financial
Jeff Hahn registered Chairman of Williamstown Construction Company
Wailliamstown Construction is run by Don Perkins (http://kenton.worldwebdex.com/info.php?id=16189)

Jill Hahn

Lamont Towart

Bill Weibert

Buffalo Staff

Photo from the August 2006 Issue of the Church of Scientology of Buffalo's Effective Solutions

Some of the Staff at the Buffalo Org
From left to right
Front Row: unidentified, Teresa Reile Reger, unidentified
Middle Row: unidentified, unidentified, Ryan Kimble, Tom Barba
Back Row: Julie Graves, unidentified, unidentified, Jim Minor, Lyla Minor, Danielle Carlson

Sgroi Family

Photo from the May 2006 Issue of the Church of Scientology of Buffalo's Effective Solutions

Three Generations of the Sgroi Scientologists

Arriving Staff

Ability, Magazine of the Church of Scientology Buffalo, Issue 384, page 23

Local Staff

Ability, Magazine of the Church of Scientology Buffalo, Issue 384, page 13


Cause Point, Magazine of the Church of Scientology of Buffalo, Issue 384, page 9

Releases and Graduates

Training in the Golden Age of Tech means complete and utter certainty of the tech. It means competence and success — in every aspect of your existence — because you know the tech to handle life and can apply it, perfectly. It means you, armed with the skills and knowledge you need for your eternity. Training in the Golden Age of Tech is simple, fast, and available in our Academy.

These individuals have attained a higher ability to handle life and new levels of freedom and awareness through Dianetics® and Scientology® training and auditing. Congratulations to all!

Student Volunteer Minister Course: Communication
Kris Jackson
Dave Jackson

Student Volunteer Minister Course: Cause of Suppression
Jacob Jay

Student Volunteer Minister Course: How to Resolve Conflicts
Jacob Jay

Student Volunteer Minister Course: Assists for Illness and Injury
Jacob Jay

Personal Efficiency Course
Jillian Ambrose
Matt Chase

Personal Values and Integrity Course
Molly Pietrzak

New Student Hat® Course
Annette Bolt

Academy Level 0
Juanita Rogowski

Academy Level I
Juanita Rogowski

Academy Level III
Julie Graves

Academy Level IV
Julie Graves

Hubbard Dianetics Auditor Course
Chuck Abramo

Grade 0
Tom Rogowski

Grade IV
Lori Milanovich

Happiness Rundown® Auditing
Tom Rogowski
Liz Tedlock

Scientology Drug Rundown
Jerry Hudson

Graduation: miracle wins, every Friday. We have graduation every Friday evening where your friends and fellow students and preclears share their miracle wins. This is what Dianetics and Scientology are all about!
Come join us.


Ability, Magazine of the Church of Scientology of Buffalo, Issue 385, page14