Tom Barba

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Tom Barba

The below is an excerpt from Tom Barba’s Freewinds experience, quoted from page 30 of the slick Freewinds magazine, Issue 47.

“The first time I went to the Freewinds, I did the Life Orientation Course. Being out of the group bank of planet Earth helped me take a completely different viewpoint on life. I was able to be exterior to the day-to-day problems of my choropractic practice so that I could find actual solutions.”

I find Tom’s above success story provides little more than an insight to his experience of going exterior on the Freewinds cruise ship. The Church of Scientology defines exteriorization as “the state of the thetan being outside his body with or without full perception, but still able to control and handle the body. When a person goes exterior he achieves a certainty that he is himself and not his body.”

Did Tom really exist outside of his body? How exactly did Tom reach this state of consciousness? Did this experience help him solve the problems of his chiropractic practice? Anne Marie Dunning sheds a little light on that topic.

Anne: Well, let’s see… Jeremy was displaying strange behavior before he stabbed his mother to death. About seven months before he attacked his mother, he was arrested for trespassing at the University at Buffalo. He had been responding to voices that didn’t exist. I remember, Don and Elli went to the hospital and fought with the hospital staff not to have any psychiatric testing done on him.

Tanya: How do you know this?

Anne Marie: I know this because Elli called my employer Glenda Rose. I answered the phone, that was my job. I worked the reception desk. Elli wanted Glenda or her husband, Tom to go down to the hospital and treat Jeremy.

Tanya: Elli wanted Glenda Rose or Tom Barba, both chiropractors, to treat her son for responding to voices that didn’t exist? To treat him for schizophrenic symptoms?

Anne Marie: Yes.

Tanya: That doesn’t surprise me. You know my brother has been taught by Scientology to be deathly afraid of the psychiatric profession. He would freak out at the mention of the word psychiatry. He really used to display a radical and fanatical hatred towards the whole profession.

Anne Marie: Right. We practice those responses for hours and hours. We drilled on them, over and over, again and again. Everything you read or are told within the church about the field of psychiatry is evil, so eventually it becomes easier to accept the lies as truth.

Tanya: So how did Glenda respond to this request?

Anne Marie: Glenda refused to treat Jeremy, she said it was beyond her scope.

Tanya: So I guess her OT powers were of no help.

Anne also explains how Tom left his Chiropractic clients to run the Buffalo Org for a short time.

Anne Marie: Yes. At one point, during the preparation for the Grand Opening of the new building, the Church management wanted all OT leadership, so they demoted Jeff Carlson who had been ED for a few years to PES and made Tom Barba the ED. Tom is OT VII. Tom left his clients at the chiropractic office to take the position, but that didn’t seem to last long. Then they brought in a SO to operate it through the Grand Opening, but I see that Jeff Carlson is back in the ED position.

A Chat with Anne Marie Dunning

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