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Tom Cruise

“When you really study the history of psychiatry, you find psychiatrists created mental disorders to suppress people. It’s intolerable.”

Tom Cruise
Cruise Helps Fight Drug Epidemic
8 March 2004

Billy Sheehan

“In the early days, I would stand with one part of my foot on the amplifier and my eyes pinned downwards. Using Dianetics technology, I became more and more freed up. I used to play one note with one finger and now there are no limits. I came out of a shell. And that happened as a result of Dianetics. I have little attention on the past now, I only have attention on the present and future. Dianetics helps bring your creative horsepower way up. — Top rock bassist for ‘Mr. Big’”

Buffalo's Billy Sheehan Interview: OTIII Billy Sheehan advocates talking with SP's

Billy Sheehan
Dianetics Review

Catherine Bell

“I think it’s so important for Scientologists to keep moving, to get their friends on The Bridge, to get on course, to stop making excuses if you are and just… get going. We have a tech that works. We have a tech that can end criminality, insanity and war. And it’s time to use it.”

Catherine Bell on Scientology
Celeberity Magazine, Issue #335, page 11
The Church of Scientology

Jenna Elfman

“The more successful I became, the more suppression I bumped into,” Elfman says. “Especially in the entertainment industry, which is really home to rabid suppression . . . I don’t have time as a leader, as an OT and as an artist to be suppressed.

”[If] you want to survive as an artist or leader . . . know you are going to be under attack,” Elfman warns. “You have to be able and willing to confront evil if you want to survive.”

Jenna Elfman

Daffy Faith OF ‘Dharma’ Star
By Richard Johnson

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