Part IV - Breaking Free

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After a week passed, we were ordered in to “discuss” our reasons for leaving. We answered Jeff Carlson, who held both positions, Executive Director (ED) and Ethics Officer (EO) at the time, Wayne Furness, Rebecca Beenie, and countless Sea Org members. Our reasons for leaving, of course, were not good enough for them. I could care less about going through this degrading process, but Anne Marie felt it was the proper thing to do, so she began to fill out her Routing Off Staff form. I told her to just leave, and that this does not mean anything in the real world. We then had a parade of Sea Org members coming to our house unannounced at all hours of the day and night, harassing us to return to the Org. We kept on telling them what they wanted to hear, just so that they would leave. Out of the blue my wife received a call from her former boss, Scientologist and WISE promoter Glenda Rose, asking her to come back to work for her chiropractic office, even though she had heard that we blew staff. Glenda promised Anne Marie that she would not coerce her back to Scientology and would do anything to keep her employed, even though Glenda was a WISE member. That lasted four months until Glenda’s spouse, Tom Barba, was having troubles on his ethics line while he was on the OT levels at Flag. Then the business stats started to drop so Glenda scheduled a sec check to make sure Anne Marie was on the up and up. My wife finally had enough and told her she was not going to do anything more relating to Scientology. The very next day she was fired. We were fed up with the Church of Scientology. I look back on those three years and comprehend how blind I was to all that was going on around me.

We are slowly getting our lives back in order and moving on. It has been a hard road though. I started out with a constant fear that Scientologists would appear at my door. Anne Marie did not want to risk the chance of becoming declared a Suppressive Person (SP). However, time, healing and lots of reading, have helped us both to see passed the phobias that were once rooted deep inside of us.

Scientology preys upon people with good intentions and hearts, or others who have done something wrong and want to correct it.

If you have a friend or family member who have been recruited by Scientology and want to talk about it, you may contact me.

Help is out there.

Rich Dunning

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