Part I - My Indoctrination

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In 2001 my life changed forever. My wife, Anne Marie, wanted a career change so she went out and found a new job. After some time, my wife informed me she was working for a Scientologist. One Saturday afternoon, her boss invited us to the local Org to have a look at what Scientology was about. We did all the introductory things that new comers do. We took the free Personality Test, watched various Scientology films and recieved the free Introductory Dianetics Auditing Session.

After the orientation, I thought Scientology was the “religion” that I was looking for, so we both signed up for a course. The first course we took was Personal Efficiency. I felt it went well, but I did not really get anything new out of it. Anne Marie, on the other hand, was keyed out. She signed up right away to start on her second course. I felt the price was high. After a few days, during her next course she encouraged me to sign up and I again told her that I felt the price was too much. She engaged me with how scientology was going to clear the planet, we all need to help and there wasn't much time. Finally she asked, “Can you put a price on your freedom?” With some hesitation, I agreed to take my next course.

During our first six months, we did the Training Routine (TR) drills 0 through 9. We took four other courses and donated money (we did not have much) to the International Association of Scientologists (IAS). Then September 11, 2001 happened. I was so upset for all those fine fire fighters who lost their lives saving others. This hit me rather hard due to the atrocity and the fact that my father was a fire fighter himself. Our local Org decided to send representatives down to NYC to help out. I jumped at the chance to do some good. As Volunteer Ministers (VMs) we were sent to a fire hall to hand out the “Way to Happiness” booklets, to perform touch assists and other VM duties. We consoled some fire fighters while we were there. I cried after hearing the horrible things they went through, just days after that terrible tragedy. When we left the fire hall those same brave men and women stood up and thanked us all for our help. That touched me deeply. At that moment, I began to see what I believed Scientology was all about. I was so keyed out, I could have floated home.

When we returned to our local Org, I told the Academy of my time down in NYC. People came up to me and told me I was a hero for doing what I had done and again I felt Scientology was for me. Then I joined staff because I wanted to continue the good I started in NYC and bring all that to my local Org. I took a post as Deputy to the Executive Director, Jeff T. Carlson. Jeff was surprised for a new comer to take that much responsibility; he told me I was a huge thetan to do that, and his words made me feel good. I only worked on post three days a week due to the fact that I had a full time wog job. After a few months on staff I began to question why I wasn’t being paid for my duties as promised. I was shown L. Ron Hubbard references on why this was so. I was pressured into taking more time to correct what was explained as my problem, and I was told that the Org was not flowing in students and Pre Clears (PCs). After being convinced that this was my burden, I buckled.

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