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Acronyms: BUFF = Buffalo, New York; ED = Executive Director; HCO = Hubbard Communications Office; KR = Knowledge Report; PTS = Potential Trouble Source.

Apr. 27, 2001 Charles Abramo, the Academy Chief Supervisor of the Buffalo Org, files an ethics chit on Fred Lennox for not showing up for his scheduled course time.
Apr. 27, 2001 Charles Abramo files another ethics chit on Fred Lennox for not having attended course since Apr. 4.
May 13, 2001 Jeremy Perkins files a KR on Fred Lennox for not showing up for course. Fred is Jeremy's "twin" on the course, so his absence prevents Jeremy from progressing.
May 17, 2001Charles Abramo files a KR on Fred Lennox for missing six scheduled course slots.
May 20, 2001Charles Abramo, files another KR on Fred Lennox for not calling and for not getting his coursework done.
May 21, 2001Beth Hulbert writes to Fred, urging him to come back to Scientology.
May 21, 2001 Marie Bolt writes to Fred, telling him how much her family enjoys being on course, and acknowledging his recent visit to the Freewinds.
May 22, 2001 Memo from Sue Allcock of FSSO (Flag Ship Service Organization) to ED BUFF (Jeff Carlson) concerning Fred's "Sign and Travel" American Express charge related to his stay on the Freewinds, Scientology's cruise ship.
Jun. 27, 2001 Fred is summoned to a Board of Investigations for failure to attend course, and for saying that Jeff Carlson (the Executive Director of the Buffalo Org) understands why he can't attend.
Oct. 30, 2001 Colleen House's non-existence formula as the new HCO Executive Secretary for the Buffalo Org: she writes to Fred asking what is "needed and wanted" from her as the HCO Executive Secretary.
Mar. 1, 2002 Jeff Carlson writes to Fred, telling him he must "handle" his sister, Tanya Durni, to stop her from "attacking" the Church of Scientology. This is the cover letter to the PTS Type A declare.
Mar. 1, 2002 Fred is declared PTS (Potential Trouble Source) Type A because his sister Tanya Durni has made Internet postings critical of Scientology. Fred is ordered to "handle or disconnect".
Aug. 27, 2002 Fred sends his sister Tanya a disconnection letter.
Mar. 13, 2003Jeremy Perkins stabs his mother Elli Perkins to death, and the Scientology cover-up begins.
Mar. 18, 2003 Louis Nunn, a Sea Org member at the Buffalo Org, files a KR on Fred, who came into the Org a few days prior, asking to talk to someone. Nunn reports that Fred was mad about the PTS Type A declare not being lifted even after Fred he had disconnected from his sister Tanya Durni as ordered. And he was specifically mad at the ED (Executive Director) Jeff Carlson. Note that the memo also refers to "the recent passing away of an auditor": this coward won't mention Elli Perkins by name, and she didn't "pass away": she was murdered by her own son. Scans of the handwritten KR are here: p1, p2, p3.
Apr. 3, 2003 Fred's PTS Type A declare is reissued because he has refused to get a Sec Check (security check) as part of the lifting of the previous PTS Type A declare. Now he has to get a full HCO Sec Check, at his own expense. The document contains the initials AD:jm; who are those people?
Jun. 24, 2003 FLO (Flag Liaison Office) Missionaire Rebecca Beeny files a KR on Jeff Lennox, Fred's brother, for refusing to tell her where Fred is, and for saying that he considers Scientology to be a cult. This KR was sent not just to the Buffalo Org, but also to RTC (Religious Technology Center) in Los Angeles. Jeff is accused of "attempting to spread black propaganda on the Church".

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