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Ethics Section Buffalo

Public – Fred Lenox

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Knowledge Report

Re: Fred Lenox

Fred Lenox is a public in the Buffalo field. He is ex-S.O. And due to a type A declare – not on lines. He is mid Method One Co-Audit here in the org.

A few days ago he came into the org and he wanted to talk to someone – I thought about the recent passing away of an auditor as many people came out of the woodwork and came in to talk to someone or get group processing. I took him to my office to talk privately.

He told me that he was betrayed by Jeff and that the org shrunk when Jeff became the Sup and the ED (Jeff Carlson is the current ED Buffalo) and he said he was mad that his type A declare wasn't lifted as he had disconnected with his sister who was the family member who was spreading harmful lies about Scientology.

I noted that he nattered an awful lot about Jeff saying that Jeff had low ARC and that Jeff betrayed him because Jeff was going to lift his Type A and didn't.

Fred mentioned on his way out today that he was disconnected with his sister but talked to her son and husband.

I told Fred to study Advanced Procedures and Axioms, Chapter RESPONSIBILITY and the lecture Overts and Withholds.

This is true,

Lois Nunn