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Criminon Buffalo
2045 Niagara Street
Buffalo, New York 14207

That’s odd, I thought I recognized this address. It’s the location of the Rocky Bottom Prop Shop.


This address is the same as the one listed for the Buffalo Scientology Director, Jeff T. Carlson.

“Criminon is an independent non-profit organization with an educational mission.”

Why would a director for Scientology have the same address as the Buffalo Criminon Office?

The Hubbard-based program – which can cost thousands of dollars – is considered a religious rite. But a form of it is made available – for “secular purposes,” the church maintains – and licensed under the names Narconon and Crimonon, the latter for use in prisons.

It is the Second Chance Program, which is licensed by Crimonon, that Scientologists and prison officials have joined forces to bring to the Erie County Holding Center.

Hubbard’s scientific theories and methodologies have drawn criticism from addiction specialists. Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop criticized Hubbard’s drug-treatment theories following the publication of a book touting them.

“My recommendation about detoxification is to keep away from it,” Koop warned. “I don’t think L. Ron Hubbard has credibility in the scientific world.”

Mark Sommer
Helping spread the word
Buffalo News, February 1, 2005

The Second Chance Project

Criminon's Second Chance Project “Reg’s” the Buffalo Community
“Reg” is Scientology jargon meaning, “to put the squeeze on”. It derives from “registrar”, the church post concerned with signing up members to join the Sea Org, staff or pay for additional high-priced courses, books and tapes.

Below are excerpts from a 2004 application for a grant submitted to the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, My comments follow.


Teresa Reile Reger is the President of the Church of Scientology Buffalo. She also holds the “hat” (Scientology jargon for post) of Director of Special Affairs (DSA) Buffalo.


CFGB’s records show that Reger’s grant application was not funded. It did not even make the list of five finalists. Teresa did request the funds by December 1, 2003, three months earlier than the grant was awarded.


According to Scientology’s Buffalo Org website, they deliver these detoxification regimens, also. “Facilities include a public lounge and even a 24-person sauna (for delivery of the Hubbard program called the ‘Purification Rundown® procedure’).” Narconon’s detoxification therapy uses vitamin and mineral doses far above the safe limits.


So what does the financial flow chart of these Scientology related organizations look like?


“The county’s assistance comes after a Scientology benefactor and church member financed a trip to inspect Mexican prisons for H. McCarthy Gibson, the county’s top jail administrator, and one of his deputy superintendents, Robert Huggins.”

“Gibson said they took the trip in October 2001 to look at a Scientology anti-drug program being used in Mexican prisons that he thought might work here. It was never begun at the county prison.”

“Gallivan said he was not aware the trip was financed by a Scientology Church member. But he said helping the church renovate its new home was unrelated, suggested by a West Seneca insurance agent impressed by the prison crew’s work on another project.”

Those were some of the responses, when Erie County Officials were questioned about the Second Chance Program by the Buffalo News on April 6, 2003. Is Gallivan referring to West Seneca insurance agent, Scientologist and WISE affiliate, Joseph Sgroi?

Later in the article, is a quote about Teresa Reger’s mother and long time Scientology member, Reverend Mary Lou Reile. “The Rev. Mary Lou Reile, the Church of Scientology’s Director of Special Affairs in Buffalo, said she was concerned that publicity over the prison crew’s work would overshadow her church’s efforts against drugs and its other social programs.” ”’We want to be a real asset to the community,’ she said.”


For more information regarding L. Ron Hubbard’s sauna detoxification chamber, refer to the following sites,


$500,000 allocated by Erie County, $200,000 pending.


The big question becomes, is there any scientific basis for Teresa Reger’s argument in this application that, Hubbard’s detoxification, ”... removes drug residues from the fatty tissues and greatly reduces the probability of relapse”. A recent examination of that question, can be found here.

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