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In the above picture you can see the Road Side TV in front of the Starbucks on the corner of Chippewa and Deleware streets. Someone has purchased a 10 second Dianetics ad to run every 2 1/2 minutes at a cost of $400 per week. The ad is scheduled to run for 13 weeks. That’s a total of $5,200. Seems they can afford to advertise, but not pay their own directors on time.

“After a few months on staff I began to question why I wasn’t being paid for my duties as promised. I was shown L. Ron Hubbard references on why this was so. I was pressured into taking more time to correct what was explained as my problem, and I was told that the Org was not flowing in students and Pre Clears (PCs). After being convinced that this was my burden, I buckled.”

Rich Dunning

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