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Kim and Michel Brillon

Joe and Betsy Sgroi, 1 Million More to Scientology

Buffalo's Billy Sheehan Interview
OTIII Billy Sheehan advocates talking with SP's

Jenna Miscavige Talks
Scientologists are at war with a member of their
own family.
Scientology Leader's Niece Speaks of Forced Disconnection on Inside Edition
Exscientology Kids

CBS 48 Hours Report
Scientology a Question of Faith
Air date October 28, 2006 (watch it online at Google video)

Scientology Infiltrates Summer Camps
Ynet News Article

Church of Scientology Recruiting Minors
Read the filed complaints from the NYS University Police - Buffalo, NY.
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Complainant reports Scientologist Staff harassed his 11 yr old
Complainant reports 13 yr old was followed by Scientologist Rep
Complaint regarding Survey

Church of Scientology Slinks off Campus
After being given a stern warning from the Universtiy at Buffalo Campus Police, NOT to try and recruit MINORS on site for summer sports camps, the Church of Scientology packed up their shell of an office, late one night and disappeared.

Church shouldn’t proselytize during architectural tours
The Buffalo News

Church of Scientology shouldn't target minors
The Buffalo News

Buffalo Church of Scientology Documents

Scientology office University at Buffalo Commons sparks criticism of campus administration
News Staff Reporter

Front of SUNY Buffalo Commons
Scientology Sets Up Shop at SUNY University at Buffalo
“All the Tom Cruise hype aside, Scientology isn’t merely alive and well in Buffalo, it’s growing. And the next stop on the ambitious church’s expansion is none other than UB’s North Campus.”

Read the complete article here and find out what Teresa Reile (previously know as Teresa Reger) has to say about Scientology opening shop on SUNY University at Buffalo.

Church of Scientology's Complaint to Globat

Advertisement Board
Where Chippewa Meets Delaware Street

Tom Barba New OT VII

The PR People Behind the Absolute Leader of Scientology

Invited to Ribbon Cutting at Erie County Court House

Teresa Reile Reger

Jeff Carlson Announces Scientology Recruiting at SUNY Buffalo

Who's Who in Buffalo

Who's in the Org and Who's Arriving Next

Some Local OT and Clear Staff

Releases and Graduates

Dianetics Auditors

Some of the Staff at the Buffalo Org

Joseph Sgroi fires Suppressive Person

Joseph Sgroi Liquidates Assets to Donate a Million Dollars to the Buffalo Org

Sgroi Family
Photo from the May 2006 Issue of the Church of Scientology of Buffalo's Effective Solutions

Three Generations of the Sgroi Scientologists

Scientology Global Protest - Buffalo, March 2008

Scientology Global Protest - Buffalo, February 2008

Buffalo Scientology News

Schumer Backs Off Support for Program
News Staff Reporter

Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-New York, has distanced himself from a statement supporting a controversial detoxification program linked to the Church of Scientology.

The program’s regimen, known as the “Purification Rundown,” was developed by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology’s founder. The treatment plan – which Scientologists also consider a religious rite – relies on heavy doses of niacin, saunas and exercise rather than traditional medicines...

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Scientology Family Tragedy

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Rapport spécial sur l’église de scientologie
Première Partie
Deuxième Partie
Troisième Partie

When scientologists aren’t so clear

Leaders of the Church of Scientology have long had the reputation of being uncooperative with the media. Still, we were surprised at their tenaciousness in trying to control our stories.

Sunday, July 31, 2005
By Virginia Linn and Alana Semuels, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette talks to the Buffalo News to report on how Scientology leaders tried to “micromanage” what information was allowed into their series. Click here for the complete article.

Scientology comes to town is the original Pittsburgh Post-Gazette series that prompted this PostScript

Rich Dunning
Rich Dunning's Report
Part I - My Indoctrination
Part II - The Black Hole
Part III - Disenchantment
Part IV - Breaking Free

Rich Dunning's Report

In 2001 my life changed forever. My wife, Anne Marie, wanted a career change so she went out and found a new job. After some time, my wife informed me she was working for a Scientologist. One Saturday afternoon, her boss invited us to the local Org to have a look at what Scientology was about. We did all the introductory things that new comers do. We took the free Personality Test, watched various Scientology films and recieved the free Introductory Dianetics Auditing Session.

A Chat with Anne Marie Dunning

Tanya: Hi Anne Marie. I remember the first couple of times we talked, you were calling from the Church of Scientology Buffalo. Do you remember that?

Anne Marie: Yes, you answered the phone. I remember we chatted for a while. You asked about when I was going to get away for a break? I remember confiding in you that it wouldn’t be for a very long time.

Tanya: You sounded sad when you said that. I remember thinking that at the time.

Anne Marie
A Chat with Anne Marie Dunning
Past EO & HCO Executive Secretary, Church of Scientology Buffalo
4 April 2005

Dunnings and Durni Converse
7 May 2005

Old Buffalo Org
Old Org
Old Buffalo Org
David Miscavige’s “Ideal Org”
New Buffalo Org
New Org

Joy of Learning Center Joy of Learning Center

Gallieria Mall Testing Center E-Meter Testing Center

WISE and Survival Strategies World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

Criminon and Second Chance Program Criminon and Second Chance

The PR People Behind the Absolute Leader of Scientology
David Miscavige

“Do I think that we should work with the community or the police or the medical people down there to work out what to do if there’s another Scientologist who needs care and we want to avoid psychiatric treatment? Yes I do.”

--David Miscavige

St. Petersburg Times, “The Man Behind Scientology
By Thomas C. Tobin
October 25, 1998

Impact, Issue 112, page 81
Tom Cruise, David Miscavige

Tom Cruise on Scientology
Tom Cruise

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